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Granite Capital Group Sponsors Commercial Real Estate Structured Limited Partnership for Accredited Investors

August 24, 2016

Santa Barbara, Calif.–Granite Capital Group, Inc. (GCG), a Santa Barbara, California real estate investment firm, provides accredited investors with access to the commercial real estate market through structured limited partnerships.

“Our real estate opportunities are strategically designed to deliver exceptional returns and mitigate risk while focusing on cash flow and asset appreciation,” says Bruce Savett, GCG founder and principal “That’s why we have a pool of over 250 investment clients who have invested in multiple partnerships with us. GCG leverages its decades of experience and extensive research in an ongoing search for superior investments.”

In 2003, Savett co-founded Granite Peak Partners (GPP), a real estate investment and advisory firm. In 2015, to best focus on their respective areas of expertise, the partners restructured GPP into two new entities including GCG.

Granite Capital Group’s current portfolio of six properties focuses on multi-family residential properties in the western United States. They represent more than $120 million of assets under management.

“GCG clients, including accredited individuals and families, trusts, institutions and pensions, value the exposure to this important real estate asset class without the operational and administrative burden generally associated with it,” explains Savett.

“GCG maintains a singular focus, continually working to deliver superior results for our investing partners. Through numerous economic cycles we’ve been able to successfully identify and select opportunistically priced investments and, through repositioning, rebranding and management improvements, have enhanced these real estate assets for our partners.”

Since 2003, Granite Peak Partners and Granite Capital Group have completed nearly $1 billion in real estate transactions.

For more information about Granite Capital Group, contact Savett at, 805-259-3040, Granite Capital Group.

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