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Our Perspective

Our Professional Team brings a broad spectrum of experience with ongoing critical market intelligence executing a multi-tiered collaborative process.

Convictions of our process include:

  • The relationship between the firm and investors is paramount to mutual success. Granite Capital Group stands committed to a culture built upon integrity, respect, accessibility as a trusted resource, and transparent communication.
  • Conviction to Add Value in all circumstances; to our partners, employees, residents and communities.
  • Alignment of interest with our clients and investors.
  • Co-investing and transaction structures align such that we typically provide for our investor’s return of capital and return on capital before profit participation of fund management.
  • Quality over quantity; laser focus and discipline. Our guiding principle is to execute selectively exceptional transactions.
  • Property level management and operations are actively adjusted to tactically lower risk and are regularly adjusted for changes in markets and metro economies.
  • Innovation, Discipline and Commitment to Integrity.
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