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Denver Housing Market Remains Red Hot as In-Migration Continues

January 29, 2018

As was recently reported in the Denver Business Journal, a new report out from Zillow ranks Denver as the nation’s 7th hottest housing market in 2018. According to Zillow senior economist Aaron Terrazas, “The tech industry continues to roar, attracting thousands of new residents per year to tech-dominant markets like Seattle, Denver and the Bay Area.”

Indeed, recent reports from both United Van Lines and U-Haul place Colorado near the top of the list of states receiving new residents. As Mike Blau, a regional president at U-Haul explained, the impacts of this in-migration are readily apparent. “You used to drive down the Interstate 25 corridor and see open spaces everywhere. Now you hardly pass a dirt lot. There are no gaps. Colorado is bursting at the seams. Denver is overflowing so much that folks are moving to the outskirts.”

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