Granite Capital Group (GCG) provides an array of commercial real estate services to accredited investors including sponsored investment funds, in-depth expertise in structuring and executing 1031 exchanges, asset management, real estate portfolio analysis, and consulting services.

GCG was formed in 2015 by principal, Bruce Savett, as an outgrowth of his former partnership which he cofounded in the early 2000s. GCG was formed to pursue opportunistic real estate investments in the western United States with a focus on value-add repositioning, ground-up development, and asset management of multifamily, industrial, and retail assets.

Our investment partners comprise high-net-worth families, individual accredited investors, and select institutional investors. We are proud to work with over 200 investment partners, the majority of whom are repeat investors in our projects.

Action and experience can turn an idea into reality. For me, Granite Capital was that idea thirty years ago, and now it is reality.

bruce savett, Founder & Principal


Granite Capital Group offers strategically designed real estate investments that deliver cash flow and asset appreciation for high-net-worth accredited investors and advisory clients. We are an independent, investor-centric firm with a deep commitment to earning the trust of our investors, clients, and partners.

Pursuing institutional quality investments with an entrepreneurial spirit, Granite Capital Group’s track record and experience provides the foundation and perspective that are the cornerstone of our success. 

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The relationship between the firm and investors is paramount to mutual success. Granite Capital Group stands committed to a culture built upon integrity, respect, accessibility, and transparency. We believe in the following:

  • Stand for integrity – consistency, honesty, be your word, do what you say
  • Commitment to innovation and creativity – positive energy, think out of the box, support exploration
  • Support enhancement of human potential – supportive, foster development and growth
  • Bring value to all stakeholders – partners, investors, employees, community, vendors, be long-term value builders
  • Culture of teamwork – strive to contribute more than we receive, share gains, practice productive conflict, recognize appreciation, show mutual respect
  • Philosophy of Financial Conservatism – understated, thorough
  • Commitment to a high-performance culture – commitment to excellence, recognition of achievements, open communications, patience, respect, discipline, do the right things and do things right, playing all out