Acquisition Criteria

Acquisition Criteria

Geographic Target: Western United States

  • Colorado: Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins
  • Salt Lake City
  • Seattle
  • Austin 
  • Sacramento
  • Reno

Transaction Size: Up to $100 million


Value Add

Existing multifamily property with heavy value-add – 20%+ upside in income.

Ground-up Development

Land that is or can be entitled for apartment or townhome development. We target sites that can accommodate 50-250 units. 


Re-purposing (retail, office, hospitality, etc.) to multifamily.

Capital Sources: 

  • Private Investor Equity
  • Institutional Joint Venture Partners

Joint Venture Development:

We partner with developers, builders, and general contractors who have existing projects but lack the capital and operational expertise to lease, hold, and operate a great long-term project. We offer developers the ability to be a partner in the project and reap the benefits of their efforts as a long-term owner.

Reach out and ask us about the tax advantages and additional benefits of our joint venture development program!